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Windows offer beautiful views and abundant light. But the sunlight they allow in can cause severe fading of your furnishings, flooring and artwork.
Heat gain and heat loss affects your home’s comfort level and increases energy costs. Windows have the lowest insulation value of any element in a building: 50% of solar heat enters a room through windows while 40% escapes through it. And glass is the weak link in your home’s security in the event of a break-in or a strong storm.
Window Films add a valuable layer of protection to your home, rejecting solar heat, reducing fading, and adding safety & security while also insulating interior heating and cooling loss.
Our Select Series films provide all of these benefits without changing the appearance of your home. Aesthetics can be enhanced with products designed to change the look of your windows if desired.
Discover how our diverse product lines can improve your home or office.

Sunshade North

Why Choose Sunshade North?

1. Quality Reliable Reputation

Sunshade North supply’s Michigan with premier excellence in business and home window film sales and installations. We provide state wide service with the addition of a Northern Michigan Petoskey location that began in 1999. We are an authorized 3M®, Hüper Optik®, and Panorama® film dealer offering these exclusive product lines.

2. Cost Saving Investment

Controlling energy use is the most effective aspect of window films. Continually rising utility costs make an investment in window film worthwhile with much shorter payback periods than window replacement. Our films will increase your Low-E windows efficiency during winter months saving you more money than the most advanced glazing systems. Up to 83% of the suns total solar energy can be rejected and Films will insulate your interior climate from transferring outside. Advanced technology with “clear” heat rejection films allow an almost undetectable coating to control energy use while protecting you and your home.

3. Complete Customer Satisfaction

Sunshade North wants every customer to be completely satisfied with their window film investment. Every installation is accurately performed with the owner Paul Ciccoretti. No crews to be left to assume your home is cared for. Larger Installations are performed with our sister store from Warren, MI. and those projects will also be “Owner Installed”. Let Paul’s skills and professionalism care for your project.

4. Top Notch Warranty

Sunshade North relies on referrals. Your satisfaction is the key to our survival. We have taken pride in securing extended Warranty coverage which is only available to exclusive dealers that have a proven track record. Warranties are registered and surveyed insuring your satisfaction and it is mandatory for Sunshade North to continue access to the Premium warranty programs. Rest assured you and your windows are in good hands.
Manufacturer Residential Commercial Glass Insurance
3M Scotchshield Lifetime 15yrs. up to $500
Huper Optik U.S.A. Lifetime 15yrs. up to $2000
BSF Panorama Lifetime 12yrs. up to $1500
BSF Solar Gard Lifetime 10yrs. up to $500
Specialty films and designer films 5yr. warranty.
All warranties include labor to remove and install warranted products. Sunshade North will handle any documentation and contract with your favorite glass company if needed.

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